Privacy statement

In brief

Pulla-Pirtti Ltd is committed to protect your privacy according to Henkilötietolaki (523/1999), EU General Data Protection Regulation and other applicable legislation. The purpose of this privacy statement is to tell You how we collect data, what kind of data we collect and how we use this data. Pulla-Pirtti Ltd will only use this information inside the corporation. Your information will not be handed to third party members or transferred outside EU or EEA. 


Where we collect data

Person himself provides data to Pulla-Pirtti Ltd by joining as a regular customer, partisipating in competitions or draws, marketing campaings and polls or in other way contacts Pulla-Pirtti Ltd. In addition your picture may be stored in our safety cameras in Pulla-Pirtti Ltd's office.


What kind of data we collect

Person's first and last name, adress, postal code and place, phonenumber, e-mail and information when person has given consent to these purposes.


How we use the data

We use the data you provided for business purposes. For example direct marketing through e-mail. The information given for participation in polls and competitions is used to get in touch with you.


How long we store your data

We don't store your data for any longer than nesessary. The retention period of your data is also affected by the connection in which and the purpose for which you have given us your data. We store your data in regular customer as long as you use our regular customer services.


To whom can you turn to for information about your data

In any questions concerning the processing of your data or if you wish to delete your data, you can leave a message to our e-mail

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