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Pulla-Pirtti Oulu

Pulla-Pirtti Raahe

Lepolantie 17
90410 Oulu
phone +358 10 548 3600
fax +358 10 752 0070
Siikajoentie 1
92140 Pattijoki



Pulla-Pirtti Ltd.

Flavors and traditions since 1958

Pulla-Pirtti started at 1958 when Antero Räinä bought his first bakery. The bakery located in Oulu Aleksanteri´s street 10. Shortly Antero´s wife Tuulikki Räinä came in to the business and in the 1980-century their sons Hannu and Heikki startered working in a bakery too.

Pulla-Pirtti has grown over the decade’s one of the most popular bakeries in northern Finland – thank you for the Antero´s business skills, Tuulikki´s product development skills and the professional staff. In the year 1958 there were six professionals working in the bakery, today Pulla-Pirtti employees about 130 persons.

Pulla-Pirtti has always been a pioneer commissioning a bakery technology. Antero Räinä´s the first investment as a young entrepreneur was a new modern kind of oven. Brave investment got the growth for the next decades. In 1958 Pulla-Pirtti was one of the many little bakeries in the Oulu area. During 1970 century Pulla-Pirtti had grown one of the biggest bakeries in Oulu.

They know us from Rieska and monks

Pulla-Pirtti is very well known of Rieska (thin bread), especially in the Oulu area. Also a lot of people think that the Pulla-Pirtti´s monks, doughnuts and Runeberg´s tarts are the only right ones.

Also rye products, loaves, piece breads and different kinds of pan loaves, includes Pulla-Pirtti´s traditional products. Pulla-Pirtti visits different kinds of bakery fairs to collect the latest information and bread trends from Finland and elsewhere the world. For example the bread called Karppinen; the first low carbohydrate bread in Finnish bread market, was developed in co-operation with other Perheleipurit bakeries. Karppinen was baked in Pulla-Pirtti´s pan bread line in Raahe for the needs of entire Finland.

Pulla-Pirtti Ltd.

• 1958 established family business

• CEO Hannu Räinä

• 130 employees, vicariously over 200.

• Product gategories: dark and white bread, sweet products, confectionary – and food products

• Bakeries in Oulu and Raahe

•  Other place of business:

Bakery and coffee shop in Oulu

Bakery shop, coffee-restaurant and gas station Pulla-Pirtti Teboil Express in Raahe

Coffee shop in Kempele (Oulu) co-operation with Subway.

• Distribution area: the central home area is inside Seinäjoki, Vaasa, Kokkola, Oulu, Kuhmo, Kuusamo and Utsjoki


Forward with professional resources

The big thank you goes to Pulla-Pirtti´s professional and committed staff. Without them the firm´s growth, success and the popularity of the products wouldn’t be possible. Flour- and sugar bakers, packers, clerks, salesmen, cleaners, drivers and experts in logistics ensure that our customers receive their products fresh and tasty every day.

Satisfied customer is important to us, that is why we intend to develop our products continuously. We have ensured Pulla-Pirtti functioning at a high level by making investments to our factories` machinery and to production environments. By taking care of our staff´s professional skills we maintain high level in our products. The development continues all along in our bakeries.


History of Pulla-Pirtti Ltd.

1958 Antero Räinä started the work at Pulla-Pirtti in Aleksanteri´s street 10.

1960-century Antero´s wife Tuulikki came along in the business

1970-century Oulu´s bakery moved to the current place to Oulunlahti, to Perävainio

1988 Pulla-Pirtti Ltd. purchased The Raahe´s Leipätuote Ltd.

1991 The opening celebration of new production environment in Raahe´s Leipätuote in Pattijoki.

1992 Antero Räinä´s sons Hannu and Heikki Räinä came along as business partners

1996 Perheleipurit co-operations started. Pulla-Pirtti became one of the partners

1998 Pulla-Pirtti agreed the co-operation - and partnership agreement with Lapin Leipä Ltd.

2002 Pulla-Pirtti Ltd. purchased Kauhava´s Pullatuote Ltd.

2003 The opening celebration of new bakery in Kauhava

2004 Pulla-Pirtti Ltd purchased the whole capital stock of Lapin Leipä

2008 Pulla-Pirtti´s 50-years celebration!

2008 The ownership of Eho´s bakery transfered to Perheleipurit Ltd.

2010 The new logistics center was completed in the summer 2011 beside the Oulu´s bakery

2015 FSSC 22000 Quality Certificate has been granted for Pulla-Pirtti Oulu and Raahe bakeries

2015 Bakery Primula Oy was founded by Leipomo Salonen Oy, Pulla-Pirtti Oy and a number of small investors

2015 Pulla-Pirtti's Jauholeipomo at Kaakkuri K-Citymarket was renewed